How it Works

The On-Air platform is a combination of hardware and software that keeps family and coworkers aware of a user’s situation by enabling two-way communication through the use of intelligent lighting devices and applications. As video conferencing, remote employment, and home learning continue to increase in popularity, On-Air will assist in enhancing productivity, security, and interpersonal relationships. 

Step 1:

Unbox & Charge

Step 2:

Download the App

Step 3:

Connect Light

Option to Connect a Calendar!

Presence As A Service

Based on a concept envisioned by one of the founders, “PaaS” (Presence As A Service) enables users to provide others with their “Presence,” i.e., their availability and willingness to interact or be interrupted. This capability will be expanded on the platform for use, not only for work or family-related Presence.


Let everyone know when you are busy in a meeting and for how long.


Block off time to focus and work at peak performance.


Make meaningful connections by giving your full attention.


Unplug and unwind for your own mindful experiences.

Are you tired of constant interruptions while working, or struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Order Starter Kit

Each kit contains L-UX smart lights and a software app that you can use to manage your work environment effortlessly.

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