On Air Platform Questions and Answers

On Air Platform (“the Company”) is delivering a number of products to meet the remote working, workspace, and personal privacy markets. The Company offers innovative networking and light communication technologies to reduce home and work interruptions.Simple, cutting-edge, and inexpensive.

Presence as a Service or “PaaS” allows users to proactively alert others of their “Presence,” or availability to interact or be interrupted. Paas not only applies to work or home practices but can enhance and facilitate far-reaching effects on social Presence and social media.

With the growing acceptance of working from home, freelancers will account for 50.9 percent of the US workforce by 2028. This, combined with the ongoing advancement of the “gig” economy, online education, and workforce demographics, will enable users to avoid interruptions, thereby increasing privacy and productivity.

The device is battery-powered, USB-rechargeable, or powered directly by USB. The app connects to Google and Microsoft calendars to synchronize the light’s color and status (flashing, glowing, patterns) with scheduled events. Laptops, monitors, cubicles, and other specialized applications can be easily accommodated with adhesives, magnets, or other accessories.

The On Air app is compatible with Apple, Android, Mac and PC. The application interfaces to Google and Microsoft calendars to manage the color and status of the lights (customizable color palettes and patterns). The public APIs or custom SDKs of customers may support additional calendar services.