Stop untimely interruptions at home and work.


On Air Platform  is bringing forward and releasing a variety of products to address the vast and growing remote working and workspace market as well as the personal privacy market.

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In order to address the issue of being continually interrupted, whether at home or at work, the Company offers advanced technologies based on networking and light communication.
This solution is simple, cutting-edge, and affordable.

Any Device App Integration


On Air Platform's leading edge app will integrate seamlessly with all major systems


As all our efforts are directed to add to personal security, you can rest assured that all is secure in our cloud system


With our API based connection, On Air will work with all your current tools and social networks


By sharing your status you now become more productive and you will find that you will have less stress about interruptions

The Platform

Easy to customize, any style you want.

With a display that is now always on, On Air Platform is there for you like never before. With our integrated app, all devices will be 100% compatible. Device Cases are available in a range of colors engineered to be appealing.

Possible Packaging for
On Air Platform

As we race towards the final furlong of product development, here’s a sneak peek at our proposed product packaging.