Use On Air software and lights to reduce interruptions and be more productive

On Air is the ultimate solution specifically designed to manage presence online and offline for enhanced productivity and a less stressful work/life environment.

Starter Kits

Each kit will contain L-UX smart lights and a software app that you can use to manage your work environment effortlessly. (Coming Summer 2024)

The On Air Platform Starter Kit is an intuitive smart light and software system designed to maximize your personal productivity by reducing unwanted interruptions.

Are life's little interruptions impacting your overall focus and mental health?

On Air is a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed to seamlessly integrate your online and offline presence. By effortlessly syncing with your Microsoft and Google calendars, On Air empowers you to communicate your availability with light – whether you’re present, working, occupied, or taking a break.

Google Calendars

Outlook Calendars


(coming soon)

Use smart lights and software to take control of your presence

Discover a new way to communicate that connects people both nearby and at a distance.​

Now you can give yourself stress-free, uninterrupted time because everyone around you, including family, housemates, and co-workers, will know when you are on calls, trying to focus, available, or just taking time for yourself. 

On Air is on a mission to enable you to regain control over your availability, providing you with the mental focus needed to work efficiently and the pause required for fostering deeper, more meaningful connections.

Boost Productivity

Accomplish more by minimizing interruptions and becoming more efficient. People who are distracted try to work faster to catch up, and make more mistakes.

Enhance Work-Life Balance

Create clear boundaries between your work hours and personal time. Strengthen your relationships and enjoy quality moments without disruptions.

Reduce Stress to Improve Health

Our Starter Kit empowers you to concentrate on what matters, reducing stress and improving your overall well-being. 

Better Communication

Our silent notification system represents a pioneering approach to communication, bridging the gap between those nearby and those at a distance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The On Air Platform (“On Air”) is a network of smart IoT lights that can operate either with or without the On Air app to establish one’s “Presence” or availability, to reduce home and work interruptions and stress and increase productivity and improve mental health.

With the growing acceptance of working from home, freelancers will account for 50.9 percent of the US workforce by 2028. This, combined with the ongoing advancement of the “gig” economy, online education, and workforce demographics, will enable users to avoid interruptions, thereby increasing privacy and productivity.

The device is battery-powered, USB-rechargeable, or powered directly by USB. The app connects to Google and Microsoft calendars to synchronize the light’s color and status (flashing, glowing, patterns) with scheduled events. Laptops, monitors, cubicles, and other specialized applications can be easily accommodated with adhesives, magnets, or other accessories.

The On Air browser app is currently compatible with Apple, Android, Mac and PC devices. The application interfaces to Google and Microsoft calendars to manage the color and status of the lights (customizable color palettes and patterns). The public APIs or custom SDKs of customers may support additional calendar services or system integrations.

Hi, my name’s Eric Shuss, founder of On Air Platform, Inc. I used to have a radio talk show; you know, where that big red light that says “ON AIR” goes on, and everyone knows not to walk in or interrupt? Well, that gave me the idea for a new “interruption-proof” system because my wife and kids walk in all the time not knowing whether I’m working, on a call, etc.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people working from home and the office, and they all said: “When can I get this???” So here it is!

You may hear us use the terms “Presence as a Service” or “PaaS.” PaaS allows users to proactively alert others of their “presence,” or availability to interact or be interrupted. PaaS not only applies to work or home practices but can enhance and facilitate far-reaching effects on social presence and social media.

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